Pollution and Incident Control


This category includes the following:

  • The need for development of autonomous equipment technology capable of operation in conditions
  • too dangerous or harsh for humans. (P1A)
  • The need for pollution risk and incident data sharing and analysis (P4A)
  • Further definition into current and acceptable response times to pollution incidents (P4B)
  • Need of technology for detecting oil under ice in event of a spill (P1B)
  • Satellite data analysis tools for assessment of type of oil and extent of spill (P1D)
  • Standardised regulations for prevention of oil spill (P2A)
  • Development of a user-friendly “Arctic Tool Box” for oil spill management. (P1C)
  • Skills Assessment of new competences needed to deal with Arctic solution, also training to provide these. (P3A)
  • Classification of Arctic pollutants and their consequences (P3B)
  • Need for enhanced pollution monitoring sensors. (P1E)

Skills Assessment to deal with Pollution Incidents

There is a need for research to understand Arctic pollution and how to respond to it, with a specific challenge for a skills assessment of new competences needed to deal with Arctic pollution incidents. This challenge can also be categorised with Personnel, Education and Training.